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Founded in 2018, Heart + Paw is one of the fastest growing veterinary care, grooming, and dog daycare center groups in the country. Heart + Paw’s state-of-the-profession centers and its network of partner practices treat pets with a low-stress approach while providing the very best care, incorporating a myriad of advanced technologies, top-of-the-line amenities, equipment selected based on years of practice and research, and a fresh philosophy for pets, pet parents and the veterinarian teams. This is petcare reimagined. 

We have grown to 28 centers in 10 states, under the leadership of co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. George Melillo, and Chief Executive Officer Dave Lasus.

At Heart + Paw, we're committed to creating a new standard of veterinary care and pet care that fosters a remarkable experience that all veterinary teams, pets, and pet parents deserve. Discover a world of opportunities for every step of your career journey! Whether you're seeking student mentorship, career development, or dream of co-owning a Heart + Paw center, we have exciting avenues to explore:

  • Career Opportunities: Heart + Paw provides a supportive environment, flexible scheduling, and the autonomy you need to practice happy, healthy, and successfully every day.
  • Student Opportunities: Get the mentorship, guidance and support you need to explore what you love about veterinary medicine with confidence.
  • Co-Ownership Opportunities: Design, build and co-own a Heart + Paw practice! You'll be the leader of your team, backed by our veterinarian-led operations team and support center.

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Heart + Paw has received both national and local recognition as an “employer-of-choice” and a Top Workplace, based on employee feedback. 

We earned Great Place to Work® Certification™, recognized worldwide as the global benchmark for identifying and acknowledging outstanding employee experience. In Pennsylvania, where the company is headquartered, Heart + Paw has also been named a Top Workplace by the Philadelphia Inquirer. This recognition is based solely on employee feedback across 15 culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization.

“I’m heartened by what our employees had to say about their work experience at Heart + Paw,” said co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. George Melillo. “We will build upon this recognition and continue our path of doing better each day, supporting our veterinary professionals, and treating our pets and their parents as family. We believe this is the key to our success and longevity.”


We were founded with the belief that pet care providers have the noblest hearts yet often struggle with the demands of delivering high quality care to others while maintaining their own personal well-being.  Our entire team is committed to creating a new employee experience, one that allows the dedicated veterinary care provider to do both.

With our extensive veterinary background, we have put a great deal of thought and resources into every aspect of the employee experience: physical space, compensation, benefits, technology, equipment, caseload, and staffing.  We believe the team member experience is an essential part of petcare reimagined.

  • Compensation + benefits – Highly competitive package including an excellent base salary + production, merit, bonuses, profit sharing, short and long-term disability insurance, health benefits, continuing education, and retirement savings.
  • Priority on well-being - Closed to veterinary appointments on Sundays, flexible scheduling, and a caseload that allows our team to spend more time with pets and their parents to offer an elevated experience.
  • Technologically forward – Leading edge technology in our highly interactive client-facing mobile app, information management system, and other technologies that enhance your ability to deliver high-quality medicine and a best-in-class client experience.
  • Leading edge equipment –Digital dental radiography, Doppler, portable ultrasound, and lift tables.
  • Opportunity to lead – Empower you to do what you do best, be a leader where you are and function at the top of your training and expand your capabilities in interest areas that will give our clients more choices.
  • Freedom in a framework –Freedom to individualize how you achieve success.  From developing areas of special interest in general practice to customizing schedules, formulary selections, and choice of referral and emergency service partners, we provide the team the ability to influence these choices for their centers.

Explore Job Opportunities: Careers for Vets | Heart + Paw (



Heart + Paw proudly announces the decision to eliminate non-compete clauses from the employment agreements of our non-owner doctors. Senior leadership first announced the decision earlier this month to our team members. Dr. George Melillo, Co-Founder + CVO, reflected on the importance of such a milestone:

“Heart + Paw has joined a handful of corporate practices who have also eliminated the non-compete as part of their hiring process. This decision has been more than 18 months in the making, and I want to thank our senior leadership team for embracing this change. I would be remiss to not also acknowledge the work of Paul Diaz, who has tirelessly advocated for the removal of non-compete clauses in the veterinary industry. As a company that was founded with the vision of creating a place where veterinary care providers can practice while being happy, healthy, and successful-we feel it is important that our doctors are at Heart + Paw because they want to be, rather than feel as though they are restricted from practicing elsewhere in their community.”

Read the entire press release here: NonCompete_Release.pdf (


Our mission is to become the chosen destination for pet care by providing best-in-class care in every community we serve. We aim to restore the health of the veterinary profession one patient, one client, and one team member at a time. At Heart + Paw, you count for more. We value your life, health, and happiness, and strive to create a place where you can practice medicine happy, healthy, and successfully. 

Learn more about our philosophy: Our Philosophy | Heart + Paw (

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